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A Lil’ Love is a curation of original designs made with love for the family to enjoy. Using only eco-friendly materials, which are sustainable for the environment and safer for your loved ones, our products are designed to spark joy. Our very first item is a food exploratory plate for your little ones. Stay tuned for more unique products coming your way!

  • My Son Loves It!

    “Thank you for the race car Story Plate! My son loves it and requests for it at every meal, even for his afternoon snacks!” – Leeyuan, mom of 2 yr 10 mth old child

  • My Daughter Finishes Food She Portions For Herself!

    “After more than 8 months, my daughter still enjoys using her Unicorn Story Plate. She finds it fun portioning her own food and will actually finish what she takes for herself! - Rachel, mom of 6-year-old child

  • Perfect 10

    “Out of a score of 10, I’d rate My Story Plate a 10! I love the innovative concept, fun design and the quality, sustainable material. My child loves the unicorn theme and the educational story that imparts good values. I would definitely purchase it as a gift for friends!” –Vera, mom of 4-year-old child

  • Quite Miraculous!

    “My kid usually picks at her food, eats a bit of the ingredients and always leaves almost all her rice behind (which is annoying as she gets hungry very quickly). Yesterday, I portioned the usual amount into My Story Plate and she worked her way through it ALL.. and asked for more!! And it's not a fluke, she finished her whole dinner again today, on her own. Such a brilliant concept!" – Rachel T, mom of 6-year-old child

  • Cuts Dinner Time By Half!

    “The numbered pods on the plate make it fun for my children at mealtime. It encourages them to self-feed by sequence so they finish their meals faster. I also love the material and the nice design! I will rate it a score of 9 out of 10 and would definitely consider buying it for my friends with children." –Charmaine, mom of 3 children below 5-years-old

  • My kids are more eager at mealtimes!

    “My kids who are both picky eaters are more eager now at mealtimes! My daughter makes the effort to finish everything on her plate and my son's appetite has improved, he is more willing to try new types of food. Thank you for this innovative plate design!" –Mdm Z, mom of 2, aged 2 & 4 years-old

  • My child actually polished off her food and had seconds!

    “After a few attempts my child actually polished off all her food and even had seconds! Maybe all the stars were alligned but I think the plate had something to do with it. As each ingredient is in its own pod, it's very clear what food is there." – Dawn, mom of 2, aged 18 months and 7-years-old

  • Rounded pods make it easy for two-year-old to self-feed!

    “Mealtime reimagined with the most creative, fun and thoughtful kid's plate I've seen! I placed the snacks in the last pod and told him that he has to finish his mains before reaching the snacks as a form of motivation. It worked well for us! Plus, the rounded pods made it easy for him to self-feed as shown. " – Samantha, mom of 2-year-old boy

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