Our Story

A Lil’ Love is a curation of original designs made with love for the family to enjoy. Using only eco-friendly materials, which are sustainable for the environment and safer for your loved ones, our products are designed to spark joy. Our very first item is a food exploratory plate for your little ones. Stay tuned for more unique products coming your way!

  • Perfect 10

    “Out of a score of 10, I’d rate My Story Plate a 10! I love the innovative concept, fun design and the quality, sustainable material. My child loves the unicorn theme and the educational story that imparts good values. I would definitely purchase it as a gift for friends!” –Vera, mom of 4-year-old child

  • Quite Miraculous!

    “My kid usually picks at her food, eats a bit of the ingredients and always leaves almost all her rice behind (which is annoying as she gets hungry very quickly). Yesterday, I portioned the usual amount into My Story Plate and she worked her way through it ALL.. and asked for more!! And it's not a fluke, she finished her whole dinner again today, on her own. Such a brilliant concept!" – Rachel T, mom of 6-year-old child

  • Cuts Dinner Time By Half!

    “The numbered pods on the plate make it fun for my children at mealtime. It encourages them to self-feed by sequence so they finish their meals faster. I also love the material and the nice design! I will rate it a score of 9 out of 10 and would definitely consider buying it for my friends with children." –Charmaine, mom of 3 children below 5-years-old

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