Customer Reviews

"OMG this plate (My Story Plate) is magic! Ava finished dinner in 10 minutes! She would usually moan the moment I bring out her bowl of food. She would ask, 'do I have to finish it?' This is the EXACT same amount of food, and she finished it in 10 minutes! I love it. Thank you so much for this." - Stella, mom of 5-year-old child

"My kid usually picks at her food, eats a bit of the ingredients and always leaves almost all of her rice behind (which is annoying because she gets hungry very quickly). Yesterday, I portioned the usual amount into My Story Plate and she worked her way through it ALL ... and asked for more! Really quite miraculous! And it's not a fluke, she finished her whole dinner again today, on her own. Such a brilliant concept!" - Rachel, mom of 6-year-old child

"Finishing her scallop and cod porridge, and freeze-dried apples in a jiffy! Thanks to this 5-pod plate by! She followed the number sequence to eat and couldn't wait to get to her dried apples, which I intentionally placed in Pod 4! Look at her contented face and hand action, which says, 'No More!' - Yolanda, mom of 15-month-old child 

“Out of a score of 10, I’d rate My Story Plate a 10! I love the innovative concept, fun design and the quality, sustainable material. My child loves the unicorn theme and the educational story that imparts good values. I would definitely purchase it as a gift for friends!” – Vera, mom of 4-year-old child 

"My kids who are picky eaters are more eager at mealtimes. When they see me preparing food, they will ask, 'Mom, can we have story plates?' My daughter will eat in sequence from Pod 1 to 5 and make the effort to finish everything on her plate. As for my son, I've observed that he is more willing to try new food types. Thank you for this innovative plate design!"  Mdm Z, mom of 3-year-old and 18-month-old 

“My Story Plate has made mealtime more pleasant for my child and I. We both love the graphics and theme of the design.  The plate is made of good quality bamboo material. I would recommend it to my friends with young children!" –Dawn, mom of 3.5-year-old child 

“The beautiful colours and graphics of My Story Plate make it a new experience for my child. It works great as a grazing plate and has helped her try new types of food. For snack time, I use it to hold several different snacks such as fruits, cheese and crackers.” – Magdalene, mom of 4-year-old child

“The numbered pods on the plate make it fun for my child at mealtime. It encourages her to self-feed by sequence so she finishes her meals faster. I also love the material and the nice design! I will rate it a score of 9 out of 10 and would definitely consider buying it for my friends with children." – Charmaine, mom of 5-year-old child

"I love the bamboo fibre material of the plate. It is easy to clean and maintain. The design concept of number pods is refreshing. I wish that I had it when my child was younger and learning to eat independently!" – Dixie, mom of 6-year-old child.