Our Story

A Lil’ Love is a curation of original designs made with love for the family to enjoy.
We use eco-friendly materials, which are sustainable for the environment and
safer for your loved ones, our products are designed to spark joy.
Our very first item is My Story Plate - a food exploratory plate for your little ones.
Stay tuned for more unique products coming your way!
Our first brand: My Story Plate
My Story Plate was designed to create a positive dining experience for young children, to nurture their love for food. It all started when first-time mom, Rachel, became increasingly frustrated with trying to encourage her daughter, Oia, to finish her meals. Rachel then realised that when she counted down on the number of spoonful of food left to go, it motivated her daughter to eat. Rachel then thought that perhaps a plate with numbered ‘pods’, which portioned out food into smaller, less intimidating amounts, would help. This led to the design of My Story Plate, featuring five ascending numbered pods to portion food and encourage young children to eat continuously by starting with Pod 1 and moving on consecutively towards Pod 5.
Rachel commissioned Urban Li'l (@urbanlil) on the design and story graphics/themes of the plates. With My Story Plate, Rachel’s mission is to empower young children with the confidence for self-feeding, to develop a healthy relationship with food, and to make mealtime enjoyable for the whole family.