1. My Story Plate Encourages Kids To Eat More!

Little ones can pace themselves while eating as there are 5 pods that divide food into smaller, less intimidating portions. This encourages them to eat more!

2. My Story Plate Guides Kids To Finish Eating Faster - Up To Half The Usual Time Taken!

The 5 numbered pods, from 1 to 5, guide little ones to eat consecutively and continuously, from one pod to the next. This helps them stay focused on eating to finish their meal faster. 

3. My Story Plate Actually Works for Fussy Eaters & Easily Distracted Kids!

Knowing that they have a set number of pods to work through simplifies the eating process and gives little ones a goal to achieve. This empowers and motivates them at meal time. And finishing their meal - their goal - gives them a sense of accomplishment! Watch that smile of satisfaction on their faces!  

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