3 Reasons Why Kids Love My Story Plate! 

1. My Story Plate Gives Them Autonomy At Mealtime

Kids get to scoop food into the 5 pods of the plate themselves. They can decide on the amount of food and whether they would like to mix or separate food types. 

This actually encourages them to finish up everything on their plate. 

2. My Story Plate Has Beautiful Graphics That Tell A Story

Learn patience from Blossom The Unicorn as she waits for the rain to stop and is rewarded with a rainbow or determination and resilience from Charlie The Race Car as he pushes through challenges and wins the race!

3. My Story Plate Makes Eating Fun! 

Eating is as fun and easy with My Story Plate. Follow the sequence - from Pod 1 to 5 and before I realise it, I'm done with my meal! 

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